Escorts in Bahria Town Phase 4 | Call Girls

The first part of our Bahria Town exploration focused on the political and social context of the town. We went to the offices of the Council for Justice and Peace, the only instance of a non-governmental organization dealing with human rights violations in Escorts Islamabad. The coordinator told us that the group has helped hundreds of people, including children, who were abused by local security forces during the past few months. During one recent operation, she said, the security forces fired at peaceful protesters while they were trying to get the people out of an overcrowded, overflowing garbage truck. Thankfully, none of the individuals was hurt.

Our next stop was at the municipal Council building, where we were introduced to a municipal worker named Hadaoura. Hadaoura oversees all public works in the town. The municipality is responsible for providing clean water and sewage services throughout the entire area. But along with these escort services, the municipality also owns and maintains the rest of the town’s infrastructure, including garbage trucks, fire stations, schools, hospitals, and the courthouse. Since the garbage truck accident, he said, garbage collectors have been stopped from cleaning the streets. Without the services they provide, the garbage truck driver, he said, would be “thrown into the street,” resulting in the overflow of waste material at the curb.

We were then taken to another important facility, the morgue. The head of the morgue, Mr. Karim, told us that many of the bodies in the town have been unidentified since the outbreak of violence. For families in the area, this meant having to put the name of a relative on the death certificates. This has become an increasingly difficult process, as even death records are difficult to verify.

While we were touring the town, we met some students from the nearby rural secondary schools. Many of them had just returned from their vacations and were excited about learning. The students said that the town has not changed much since they were last back from school. The infrastructure, they said, is basically the same. It was surprising, nevertheless, to learn that many of the students did not know English.

Escorts in Bahria Town Phase 4 have also become a vital line of protection for residents. They are the first defense against crime in the town, a view that municipal officials probably do not want anyone to have. For residents, it is a matter of survival. Without Escorts in Bahria Town, they would have to rely on the garbage truck for protection. As the truck idled near residences, the owners would not be able to protect their family.

“We have heard that the garbage truck is very good at picking up bodies,” one woman told us. “It is terrible what has happened to us.” We were all too aware of the devastation that the fighting had wrought in our city. The Call Girls in Bahria Town Phase 4 can offer protection for residents and the garbage truck can continue its work. Please consider all this.