Escorts In Marvel – Personal Service At Its Best

Escorts in Marvel Hotel Lahore are available to fulfill all the requirements of our guests. The hotel has twenty-four luxury rooms that are tastefully furnished to make your stay worthwhile. Room service is provided round the clock and the staff is attentive and friendly and eager to please. The staff is always ready to resolve any query or to take care of any emergency.

The hotel is well equipped with telephones and fax machines, as well as cable television with the choice of TV and DVD. All rooms have air conditioners and heating systems and the guest can use the swimming pool for leisure and recreation. The steam bath is also available in each of the twenty-four rooms. The staff offers a host of services such as booking of the room, conducting housekeeping and laundry, arranging for transport of luggage from hotel to guestroom, and serving delicious local cuisine at each room window.

The guest has to book accommodation through the internet by filling in the form online. The Escorts Service provides information about the rooms, the charges, the location and what is available on offer. The guest gets confirmation in writing as soon as he registers with the website and by calling the customer service in case of any confusion, the problems can be sorted out immediately. There are also escorts waiting outside the guest rooms to take care of any emergency.

There are separate male and female elevators for the convenience of the guest. These elevators are fully equipped with the latest in audio-visual equipments. There are separate shower/toilets for the women. The rooms have central heating and air conditioning system with the option of satellite television. The complete staff is on duty round the clock to provide the guest with personal attention and arrange for his/her delivery of meals.

For special requests such as a specific massage or a dream honeymoon, the guest can place the request directly with the escort. The other services provided are manicure, pedicure, hair dressing, massage, acupuncture, detox foot bath and detoxifying foot spa. There are separate rooms for men and women.

The guests do not have to book the rooms in advance. The guests can just show up and the arrangements will be done. There is a separate entrance for the guests. There is no extra charge for the guests. All these services are rendered with the full support and cooperation of the hotel staff. The guests are also provided with quality food during their stay.