Sex in Karachi – Is the Sex Troubler Living in a Home Where Sex is Treated With Dignity and Repetition?

Sex in Pakistan is a taboo for anyone not a Hindu. In fact, practicing ‘Oriental’ sex outside of marriage is considered to be a sexual felony in Pakistan. The only way an individual will have their name cleared by the law is to clear themselves of all allegations of such activities. The social and moral code of Pakistan is extremely strict and abhors ‘Western’ ways of sexuality. There is no talk of evening parties or bars for singles or gay folks in Pakistan.

Sex in Karachi is one of the most populated cities in Pakistan and as such has a large population of ‘asexuals’. These are the guys who like to party and who would spend their free time either going out on a Friday or Saturday evening with friends or otherwise alone. The Karachi gay scene is quite active and most of these ‘asexuals’ frequent places such as parks and squares where they can enjoy the company of other ‘asexuals’. It is here that they can meet and begin to date and even marry.

It’s not uncommon for a man to approach another man for sex only to be told that the other man is married. The fear of the ‘godfather’ is so great that this fact alone dissuades many ‘asexuals’ from initiating a physical relationship. For them it is safer to remain single and they are even busier than many ‘regular’ people. This is also one of the reasons why the crime rate in Karachi is much higher than the general rate in the country. Karachi’s sex offender registry contains more than 5 hundred names.

Unfortunately, the community in Karachi does not have an option to easily identify those that are registered as sex in Karachi offenders. It is for this reason that the police and other officials do not make an effort to visit the areas where the highest number of sex offenders are found. Most locals, especially the young ones, see the police and other officials as a nuisance. They are not used to dealing with them and thus, view them with contempt.

Sex between adults is not an exception to the rule. In fact, there are many cases of young boys and girls being abducted or lured into having pre-marital sex. In fact, the community has a zero tolerance towards those involved in such activities. If these things were not going on in the community, the society would be quite different. But unfortunately, the community is not mature enough to accept such behaviors and is ready to spend heavily to stop such activities from occurring.

Karachi Sex between adults is not seen as something dirty. It is, in fact, viewed as a normal practice. In some areas, the ‘taboo subject’ of sex is discussed in great detail. Adults talk openly and are not hesitate to discuss issues and problems related to ‘adult sexuality’. So, what is the big ‘taboo’ when it comes to having sex?