Sex in Pakistan: A Growing Issue

Sex in Pakistan is taboo. Girls and men married at their early age. In rural areas, it is normal for a girl to start getting married at the age of thirteen. Girls are treated as the property of the family in case they get married. They are not given the freedom to even go to a theatre or cinema with their friends.

But all this has changed now. Many girls from the rural areas of Pakistan have been contacting men from other countries via the internet. These girls do not have a good education and many of them are trapped in a relationship that will last for many years. So the number of girls getting married to foreigners is increasing day by day.

In many towns in Pakistan, especially in the Punjab and in urban areas, the ratio of marriages involving educated girls is very high. This is probably because the girls from such towns are interested in western culture. Education means more opportunities to find jobs and earn money. Hence they are ready to marry a person from foreign lands.

Another factor that has aided girls from Pakistan to wed foreign men is the fact that the internet has made communication between people very easy. It has also brought about socialization. This has widened the scope for girls to find their partners outside their own village. Online chat rooms are the best platforms to find love. It is also a safe platform.

The only hurdle in Pakistani girls getting married to foreigners is religion. They have to be convinced first. Once this hurdle is cleared, then the sex industry can really flourish in Pakistan. All the big cities of Pakistan will be packed with men looking for sex with young girls. They will not have any problems in finding such girls. Sex tourism is a big business in Pakistan.

There are many hotels offering accommodation to people looking for sex. These hotels cater to both men and women. Some of these hotels offer services like hotel staff to help customers in their search for a partner. They will even help in arranging a wedding for couples who do not want to get married in a traditional way. Sex in Pakistan has opened a lot of doors for girls from rural areas of Pakistan.

They have a lot of options to choose from. They can either choose someone from a social networking site or an international dating agency. They can chat, go out on dates or even engage in an actual act of intercourse. They can do everything in their power to get their sexual desires fulfilled. In fact, a lot of girls have turned to prostitution as a means of fulfilling their sexual needs.

Those who are religious are very protective of their moral values and would never consider going to a place where they could have sex with a stranger. But slowly and gradually, girls from Pakistan are opening up to the west. They feel more confident and comfortable having sexual relations with foreign men. They can discuss their relationship openly with their parents and feel secure about the choices they have made.