The Real Truth About “Abduction” in Rawalpindi

When you think about the word “Sessions” and “Hard” you automatically think about hard-core porn in Bollywood. Well, not exactly. In fact, the whole ethos of Ayurveda focuses on the pleasurable feelings you get during or after your sessions with your partner. There are several myths about Ayurveda and sex that need to be dispelled. Here is a look at some of them:

The Girls in Pakistan Are All Boundaries No, they aren’t. That’s a common myth spread by those who want to reserve a place for themselves in Indian society. In reality, the girls here are as healthy as the boys. They do not indulge in any vices or go to any unhealthy establishments for their first date. The only thing these girls are bound to do is a dance in the dholak–the traditional Indian ballroom dance.

Teenagers – No, they’re not. Teenagers love experimenting with new things. In this respect, Sex in Rawalpindi has something to teach the world. There are many teenaged girls here who are known for being open to new sexual ideas and tastes. In fact, there have been some cases of teenage girls having affairs with older men. The moral of this story is: if you’re a teenager, don’t be scared of experimenting with sex.

Drugs and Alcohol – This is an absolute no-no. The girls in Rawalpindi and nearby districts don’t take alcohol or drugs. In fact, it’s a big insult for them if anyone so much as suggests that they do. These girls are independent, intelligent women who know their own bodies and minds. They won’t be fooled easily.

HIV and STD – False. There is zero possibility of anyone from the district catching HIV or STD. The infection can’t survive long on the body of a young girl from Rawalpindi. These girls are very health conscious and they practice safe sex. They have every reason to stay away from unsafe practices and unhealthy lifestyles.

Sexual Education and Condom Use – False. The educational curriculum in Pakistan hasn’t been too effective. Most girls Sex in Rawalpindi and the other rural areas simply don’t know about proper condom use. And even if they do, the information is not spread far and wide enough. That’s why the cases of girls getting STDs is so high.

Rapes and Sex Slaves – False. Although some crimes against girls are still reported, the ratio is very low compared to other crimes. Most of the crimes against girls are false accusations and the victims are usually minors who are either trying to escape from domestic chores or trying to get money to end a marriage. So it’s not surprising that the number of cases of girls being abducted and married to old masters is also very low.

Marriage and Child Abduction – True. Child marriage is very common in rural areas and the number of cases of girls being abducted for marriage is very high in these areas. But this is not true in all the cities. Girls married to youngmasters are usually not treated badly. The reason for this is probably the mentality of the girl’s family. But still, it’s a crime and should be reported.